About Us


A tropical paradise hidden in tranquil to all those who glide towards it.

Explore Maldives through its sun kissed beaches that swirl around, in and out an infinite loop of tropical islands like emeralds studded in an ocean full of water and white sands. Let go of your days and drench in what Explore in Maldives offers.

In peace and tranquility, we assure you to find true paradise in this glimmering water of the Indian Ocean.


A great company is only as good as the people who operate it and with Explore in Maldives there is no exception. We make our team up of highly qualified and motivated professionals who specialize in the Maldives. Each of our members have more than a decade of experience working at the forefront of the travel industry, not to mention extensive resumes with some of the most successful inbound travel agencies, hotels and resorts that this amazing country has to offer.


To be the premier providers of travel and tourism services in the Maldives


We promise a personalized trip to Maldives, tailored to meet our clients’ needs in experiencing this tropical paradise.

Our Partners

We always believe in providing the best service to our clients, thats why we are working with some of the world's best brands.